EXXTRA EXPRESS LLC is a warehousing and distribution, or 3rd party logistics / order fulfillment, company that started business in April of 1988 in Los Angeles, CA. Exxtra Express had been at the same location for 22 years. Due to continued growth, in 2009 we took on a 2nd location less than 5 miles away. In March 2011 we completed our move into a new larger building in Pico Rivera. With over 65,000 square feet, this allows us to have everything under one roof while gaining even more warehouse space to continue to grow our business. This new location is still in Los Angeles with close proximity to 7 major freeways and the 2 most prominent West Coast ports. Our distribution services will continue be accessible and fulfilled in the speediest way possible.

We are a family owned business which prides itself on delivering proven solutions for all order fulfillment services: Business to business, as well as business to consumer and ecommerce fulfillment services. Exxtra Express is a full service order fulfillment center.  We are not only offer California fulfillment services, we ship to all locations both domestic and international. When we started our company, we had seen many ways of doing business and believed we could do things better than the rest. The primary objective for us is not to try to be the biggest company, but rather to simply provide the best service possible to our customers. We are proud to state that this objective has been accomplished and is demonstrated by the fact that we have customers who have been with us for over 20 years!